Our recruitment and assessment approach is based on a detailed understanding of the requirements of our clients.

Thus we are looking for the ideal candidate by focusing on his skills as well as his personality and his complementarity with his future manager. We also look at its potential integration with the existing team and its affinity and belief in the culture and values ​​of society.

We work in a spirit of trust with our clients and our candidates, so that through a partnership the requirements of both parties are fulfilled and maintained in the long term.

Our research is carried out by way of announcement or by direct research “head hunting” through our vast global network.

Each mandate is previously discussed both in its approach and in the choice of tools in collaboration with those involved in recruitment; this is to ensure maximum privacy and efficiency.
Once the candidates have been selected, a detailed evaluation of their know-how and knowledge of the company to be integrated is carried out.
Our customers remain our partners throughout the project. As a result, they are always informed about the progress of the research and are kept informed of our intermediate results.